Dominican Spot

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Dominican Spot

 While being different and original, Dominican Spot aspires to be the new line of gift shop, composed by corners that offer high-quality, hand-crafted dominican-made products. Our clients will be able to choose between the aromas, tastes and personalities of our cigars, honey, soap, arts, drinks and organic products that show our culture and national identity.

-Cigar Spot

You’ll be able to feel the process our tobacco leaves go through on the journey of the elaborate craftsmanship that characterizes a good Dominican Cigar.

This Spot will be set up with the purpose of giving our customers the feeling that they are strolling through the prettiest tobacco parcels our country has to offer, making up a sensory experience of the cigar elaboration process.

-Drink Spot

Seeks to give the tourist a place to find our famous beers, rums and liquors at a competitive price.

-Art Spot  

Dominican Republic is exalted by the expression of its art. This Spot desires to offer our artists an opportunity to take their art to any corner of the world.

-Organic Spot

Organic products extracted from our land: coffee, soap, honey, vanilla, coconut oil, avocado and a wide variety of artisan products, all made by dominican hands.