For many of us the holidays come to us; without having time to plan the things we will do during our getaway because we are busy with our obligations and the pace that our responsibilities impose on us, so if you are going to visit Puerto Plata, we will do this job for you.

These activity ideas are easy, quick, and fun to please the whole family. Do not stay at your resting place or inside the cruise ship! If you are already in Puerto Plata, go find some adventure, fun and unique activities that you can only do in Puerto Plata. Go! You've got options.

Puerto Plata cable car

Teleferico de Puerto Plata

Located in the Isabel de Torres Mountain, approximately 800 meters above sea level with 2,730 meters from the base to the mountain that makes this trip a unique experience. Here you can enjoy the most impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city, as well as the beautiful vegetation that surrounds the mountain. Once in the mountains, you can enjoy a tropical forest, where you can find bird habitats, such as the Cigua Palmera, Guaraguao, Nightingale, Carraos, Doves, Hummingbirds, Hummingbirds, among others. There are more than 500 different species of plants identified, and according to studies it has more than 80 families of plants.

This option is an experience that will connect you with nature and an incomparable feeling of fullness.

The historic center of Puerto Plata

Centro Historico Puerto Plata

Discover the culture of this historic city of Puerto Plata, known for its colorful Victorian houses that reflect the urban physiognomy of the time and for the friendliness of its inhabitants.

The best way to start is through Plaza Independencia (Central Park). If you stand in front of the roundabout, you will be able to appreciate the richness of the surroundings, then you can go to the beautiful Cathedral, the House of Culture, the Amber Museum, the colorful street of La Sombrilla, the famous Callejón de Doña Blanca, the attractive Chocolate Museum, the museum of General Gregorio Luperón full of history to learn. During the tour you will have access to a wide variety of restaurants and commercial stores. To finish, we recommend you go to the majestic San Felipe fortress and its surroundings to tour one of the most beautiful boardwalks in America. 


Playas en Puerto Plata

If you are close to the city, there is nothing like getting around in it and going to meet beautiful beaches.

For some people, the hustle and bustle can get a bit hectic, making a beach an ideal space to relax; beaches like Acapulco and Long Beach on the boardwalk, Playa Dorada and Playa Alicia in Sosua, are beaches with a quieter and more recreational atmosphere.

If you are looking for some fun, water activities and explore some adventures then your best options will be Playa Sosua, Playa Encuentro ideal for surfing. Cabarete Beach world famous for windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle boarding and sailing that you can enjoy along with many bar and restaurant options. Cosita Rica beaches, the boardwalk, Playa Cofresi and Playa Teco in Maimón are other options to consider.

Puerto Plata Rum factories

Fabrica de Ron en Puerto Plata

If you are interested in learning about Dominican rum, in Puerto Plata you have two options where you can learn about the production process, its basic elements, the rum's maturation and aging process. If you want to live this experience, do not forget to do the Brugal Rum Factory Tour, which is the largest producer of traditional rum, founded since 1888. The factory tour includes rum tasting and the possibility of buying premium rums.

La Casa del Ron Macorix, the Vinícola del Norte liquor store offers us The House of Rum Macorix Museum, where you can learn about all the stages of rum production, from its origin, as well as the necessary steps of fermentation, distillation, and filtration until reaching to the final product that is enjoyed by the public.

Visit Puerto Plata and don't forget to try a good rum!

Monkey Jungle & Zip Line

Monkey Jungle Cabarete

Located between Sosúa and Cabarete, approximately 9 kilometers from the road that leads to El Choco National Park, Monkey Jungle Park is home to the capuchin squirrel monkeys. Here you will not only be able to interact with the little monkeys, but you will be able to launch yourself through a Zip-line of seven stations, a botanical garden and an ancient Taíno cave to which you can descend to approximately 18 meters underground.

This place serves as a recovery center for rescue capuchins.

Live this adventure touring the hidden gardens inside a cave. Zip-line on an 800-foot course and defy gravity as you descend an approximately 60-foot, cable-controlled drop into a cave.

If you prefer adventures outdoors and in nature, this is one that you must try. 

Sosua Ocean Village Water and Safari Parks

Sosua Ocean Village

Pure fun and an adventure for the whole family with children's and adult pools, slides, floating islands, and many other waters play areas. In this family space you can climb and take photos of the animal sculptures and taste delicious dishes in its à la carte restaurant.

Ocean World Adventure Park 

Ocean World Puerto Plata

It is an amusement park and aquatic adventures that offers shows with marine animals. Choosing this option is ideal if you are looking for a place to spend a day with the whole family and enjoy the wonders and emotions that the ocean offers us. Here you can eat at the restaurant buffet, swim with dolphins, and interact with beautiful tropical birds. 

The 27 waterfalls of the Damajagua River

Los 27 charcos de Puerto Plata

This wonderful natural monument is made up of 27 natural pools, without a doubt it is the true expression of a regulated nature. Choosing this option is ideal if you are looking to live adrenaline-charged adventures.

You can swim, jump in the fresh and calm waters of the Damajagua River, walk along the trails, slide down its exciting zip-line. In addition, you will have the option of traveling one of the most exciting routes aboard a buggy that will make this experience an unforgettable one.

Del Oro Chocolate Factory

Fabrica de Chocolate Artesanal en Puerto Plata

The cultivation of cocoa is an important economic activity in the Dominican Republic, the producing communities proudly show the importance of cocoa and chocolate in their lives.

In a small tour you will experience the process of making chocolate from the bean to the bar and you will be able to feel the difference in the flavor of organic cocoa.

Espigon Artisan Cigar Factory

Fabrica de Cigarros en Puerto Plata

Located in the very heart of the Historic Center of Puerto Plata, on Calle de las Sombrillas, it is a space where you can learn the process of growing, curing, and fermenting Tobacco, ending with the making of a good handmade cigar.

An experience that will take you through the entire process and end with having the experience of making your own Cigar.

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