In Puerto Plata you have those essential ingredients that any adventurer needs, in addition to the diversity and fun options of extreme experiences that trigger your adrenaline.

Many of us love to feel that sensation in extreme activities. That is why we have put together some adventures to make your visit to Puerto Plata a very exciting experience. 

"Puerto Plata is perfect for adrenaline junkies.".

Bugyy Adventure Tour Puerto Plata

Adventure in Four Wheels or Buggy

If you are looking for Adventure on land, Puerto Plata offers the most exciting routes with terrain conditions with a wide variety of possibilities: climbs, flat, cobbled, forests, plains, rivers, beach where you will leave footprints riding a powerful four wheels or buggy.

Join a motorized adventure that will take you through the most impressive places in the rural areas of Puerto Plata, while driving an SUV and feel the adrenaline in your veins that creates an addictive sensation in your hands that makes you press the accelerator more and more. 

Las cascadas de Puerto Plata

The 27 Damajagua Waterfalls in Puerto Plata

The Damajagua River is a magical and perfect place to increase your adrenaline, either jumping, swimming in its calm waters, or walking through beautiful vegetation along its trails and of course flying through the air on its exciting zip line.

Participate in these unique experiences and adventures, exploring the 27 puddles or waterfalls naturally formed in the Damajagua River.

Zipline Puerto Plata

Zipline Adventure in Puerto Plata

If you are a fan of adrenaline, you cannot put aside this extreme experience in which you can enjoy from above in the company of family and friends. Puerto Plata has exciting places and impressive attractions where you can make this fascinating adventure.

Travel through the heights sliding down a cable through which you will feel the emotions that will connect you with a sense of freedom, filling you with energy and adrenaline.

Extreme water sports in Puerto Plata

For those looking for extreme water sports, wind and sailing adventures, Puerto Plata is an inexhaustible source of experiences in which you can put your adrenaline to the test.

Parasailing Puerto Plata

Aquatic Parasailing in Puerto Plata

This recreational activity will get your heart rate racing as you enjoy stunning views off the coast of Puerto Plata, which involves a person being towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute called a Parasail. Soar approximately 200 feet into the air over tropical waters and feel the cool wind caress your face. Parasailing is a true experience, undoubtedly unforgettable and perfect for those who want to feel the adrenaline.

Parasailing takes place on the beach of Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata.

Cabarete kitebeach


The wind and water conditions, in recent decades, have made Cabarete the leading capital of the Caribbean for kitesurfing.

Spectacular waves, strong wind, and light wind together with a large community of surfers of all nationalities. If you are a Kitesurf lover, here you will find all the conditions to live an unforgettable adventure.

Windsurf Cabarete


In Cabarete beach you will find the conditions that will make the practice of windsurfing a perfect place for you. The trade winds from the East provide strong and constant wind throughout the year, where the water is warm practically all year; with an average of 26 degrees Celsius, so it is not necessary to wear a wetsuit.

Cabarete Bay is approximately 2 km wide with a sandy bottom, where you will only find some reef spots inside the bay, which are quite easy to avoid.

Surf Playa Encuentro Cabarete


Playa Encuentro is one of the best beaches in the world for surfing, located between Sosua and Cabarete, we can graphically describe it as a “perfect right-hand breaking wave”. At Playa Encuentro you will have incredibly impressive waves and as surfing tradition establishes, the best time to enjoy the waves is first thing in the morning. Get ready to have intense fun and unleash energy discharges in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Standup paddleboarding Cabarete

Standup paddleboarding

For those who do not dare to practice kitesurfing, surfing or windsurfing because they do not have the skills needed to tame the waves, the StanUp Paddleboard is an option to navigate the sea on top of a board.

Enjoy when the wind and waves hide, connect with the ocean that surrounds you, floating so light on the water and in tranquility, take a moment to look at the environment and appreciate nature. Here you will experience a feeling of freedom while rowing on the water and experiencing a good dose of adrenaline that will make your body and mind fully connect with the present moment.

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