Attractions and Experiences Within an Hour of Puerto Plata That You Can't Miss

Whether you are looking for what to do at the last minute, you have limited time, or you are simply looking to get out of the city of Puerto Plata for a few hours, we are going to give you some options of activities and experiences that you can explore for yourself, in this destination with so many amazing attractions.

We have put together experiences and activities suitable for adults and children that will allow you to make the most of the time and our climate.

Experience of the production of Cocoa and Artisanal Chocolate

The cultivation of cocoa is an important economic activity in the province of Puerto Plata, where communities enjoy a quiet life in the countryside surrounded by lush greenery and in the highest areas, creating an ideal setting for the cultivation of this important Dominican product.

In the municipalities of Altamira and Guananico, you can find a place to learn about the production process and the different ways in which it can be used with cocoa-derived products.

In Guananico, Hacienda Cufa, a family farm in this municipality, is the perfect place where the community proudly shows the importance of cocoa and chocolate in their lives and shares the secrets of happiness.

In Atltamira, Chocolala, a chocolate factory led by women, who had the vision of creating economic opportunities for the women of the Las Lajas community, Altamira municipality, Puerto Plata province in the Dominican Republic.

Experience from the planting to the cocoa harvest, create your own handmade chocolate surrounded by joy and enjoy a facial chocolate therapy. Discover the secrets behind the happiness of the community:


• Hike along the Cocoa Trail

• Experience from planting to harvest.

• Manufacture of handmade chocolate.

• Rural Mini Spa experience with mud and cocoa.

• Sale of products derived from cocoa.

• Lunch with typical organic country food.

Historical and Archaeological National Park La Isabela Historica

Located in the municipal district of La Isabela in the municipality of Luperon, in this historic place is the archaeological area of ​​the First European Settlement of the New World in 1494, which includes other elements of the settlement such as: the dock buried under rubble, next to the first shipyard in America. You will also see the housing area, quarry, ceramic firing kiln area along with remains of bricks and tiles.

Get to know the place chosen by Admiral Christopher Columbus to build the first "European Settlement" in the New World, at the end of 1493. Live this experience where history plays an important role in transmitting the cultural values ​​of this place. This meeting of cultures changed the course of American history.

Learn about our history through this place, where the firsts rest such as: Celebration of the First Mass and the First Catholic Church in America.

Panoramic route Puerto Plata - La Cumbre

The Panoramic Highway begins at the intersection of Gran Parada, where the municipal district of Yasica covers the largest section of the route, from Tubagua to the Summit.

This experience is ideal for those who like to walk and those with an adventurous spirit. This Panoramic Route has spectacular views and an environment surrounded by an enviable nature with Spas, Zipline, Horse Ranches, Trails, Mines, and Amber deposits. If you are one of those who like to eat on the road, you will have several options to taste local products such as fresh tropical fruits, roast pork, pork rinds, salty cane, leaf cheese, sweets and other delicacies that are located at points of sale in the same highway.

Lagunas Cabarete and Goleta (El Choco) Natural Monument National Park


This natural monument is characterized by its caves and underground natural pools of gigantic proportions. This is an exceptional place that in the past was home to the aborigines who inhabited our island.

 In this exciting adventure you will be able to observe the exotic biodiversity of the Caribbean during the tour between sinkholes, mogotes, mangroves, swamps, and tropical jungle.

The route has five caves enabled for short circuits, in which you will enjoy a refreshing swim while taking impressive photos at the viewpoint of the surrounding landscape of this beautiful place from where you can observe the local fauna.

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