Experience the Best of Puerto Plata: 5 Expert Tips for Choosing the Ultimate Tour on Your Caribbean Cruise

If you're planning a Caribbean cruise and one of the places, you'll be visiting is Puerto Plata, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a tour.

1 First, make sure you know which port you'll be arriving at. Currently, Puerto Plata has two ports that can receive cruises: Amber Cove and Taino Bay. These ports are in different areas, with Amber Cove being approximately 12 km from the city of Puerto Plata, while Taino Bay is in the city center. Knowing your port is important information when choosing a tour in Puerto Plata, as it will affect the time, cost, and activities you choose.

Mapas de los puertos de Puerto Plata

2 Consider your interests or what you'd like to do during your visit. Puerto Plata is one of the most diverse and complete destinations in the Caribbean, with many tour options available including outdoor, marine, and adrenaline-filled adventure, as well as cultural and historical tours that will allow you to get to know this historic city and its surroundings.

3 Take into account your available time. If your cruise will only be in Puerto Plata for a few hours, it's important to make sure the tour you choose fits in with the cruise's schedule and/or port schedule. Also, keep in mind the travel time from the port to the tour location.

The next step to consider is your budget. Puerto Plata offers tours that cater to all budgets, from economical options to more luxurious experiences. Make sure you choose a tour that fits your needs and preferences.

5 Finally, after considering the port you'll be arriving at, the experience you want to have, your available time, and your budget, it's time to choose the tour company you'll be traveling with. Do some research to make sure they are authorized bus by the Ministry of Tourism, which is the institution that regulates tourism in the Dominican Republic. Once you've confirmed this, read reviews and ratings of the company online, and on social media. Once you've chosen the tour company, make sure to read all the information and conditions carefully before making a reservation.

We invite you to experience a unique adventure that can only be found in Puerto Plata, and don't forget to share photos of your adventures in the most spectacular places in Puerto Plata and tag us on your posts.